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Protein Powders Better For Your Body

 I’ve realized most of the protein and health snacks I was consuming was just as processed and refined as a candy bar. YIKES! Many of your protein products, supplements and vitamins aren’t regulated by the FDA either.

As a consumer this waves a huge red flag! Our foods contain ingredients and artificial sweeteners that haven’t been around long enough to know what harms they may be causing.




 I’ve always been a fan of NOW and their products, especially  vitamins. I’ve never tried their protein before or gave it any thought until I started looking into better options. I’ve only had the vanilla flavored protein powder and I highly suggest trying it! They have regular whey but I like the isolate because it’s normally higher in protein while staying lower in sugar, fat and carbs!

 Next we have…




Isopure is another fav! It’s a bit pricier but worth it! Once you dive head in to the food and fitness world you adjust to anything health related being higher priced. You know the saying, ‘it pays the cost to be the boss’? Well, it also pays the cost to be healthy as well!

A main reason I prefer a lower carb protein is because my body is super sensitive to carbs. It took me a while and lots of experimenting with my diet to figure this out! All bodies are different so what is best for me might not be the best for you. Overall it’s best to find products that are as natural and clean as possible!

Especially if you’re consuming or baking with a lot of protein powders, it’s a good idea to get a lower carb count anyhow.

But keep in mind, the recommended serving size for this protein is 2 scoops. However, I only use 1 scoop so the nutritional value will all be split in half.






 I stumbled across this brand but haven’t tried personally… YET! I used to make fruit and vegetable beverages until my nutri-bullet broke! A foodies nightmare! I do have a food processor but that’s too much work just for a smoothie.

Yuve has developed an all natural formula to specifically address the nutritional needs for your body. If you’re a busy body living a busy lifestyle while trying to stay health concious, they got you covered!

I hope this post helped anyone trying to find a better, natural protein!

What’s your favorite protein brand?!

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