Fit Tips

Fit Tip #27 You Are Who You Hang With

When you are overweight, you’ll find yourself with overweight habits. Makes sense right?

It goes the same for healthy people. Healthy people have healthy habits. This is a good time to reflect on your habits and pin point where you can improve.

The first thing to look at is the circle you surround yourself with. In a New England Journal of Medicine, their research determined when a friend/partner becomes overweight, it will increase your chances by 57%. That’s more than half!

unnamed-5 (1).jpg

Give a healthy helping hand!

Instead of allowing yourself to slide into their habits (which is easy to do!!), try initiating better behavior! This could include bike rides, bowling, the zoo, walking to your local coffee spot, or walking around to window shop. Find something you both enjoy socially that will help burn calories rather than packing on the pounds.

You can influence their food choices by suggesting to split meals or leading by example by the food you order.Sharing is caring! Split the pizza or cheesecake!

Happy Saturday!

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