Transformation Tuesday With My Bold Beauties

There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to inspire and motivate your own friends. Especially when they also thought a change of lifestyle and eating habits was something intangible. Instead of watching others get fit, now Jess is doing it! It’s a slow journey in the beginning but she’s committed! Jess is a busy hair stylist, single mom with a very active toddler, but still manages to get her workouts in and find the time to prepare healthy meals. She’s a no excuse mom! What I told myself, told my friend and now they tell themselves…. They CAN do it because they WILL. I didn’t sugar coat it for Jess and let let her know what she’s getting into. It IS work. It IS hard. You will want to give up.. Stay focused and keep going! The reward of your own progress and reaching personal goals is far more satisfying than those ladies nights out and late night pizza slices.

I couldn’t be more proud of you Jess!

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