Red Velvet Dessert For Breakfast!

This is what I eat every morning for breakfast! Overnight oats!

They are extremely easy to make and can be prepared the night before to save time! You can go ahead and make them every day for the week if you really wanted to! I can’t even begin to tell you all the combinations I have made for these bowls. My only advice, use your protein and your absolute favorite yummies! *Yummies are your favorite toppings of deliciousness!!! This way, even if you’re not a breakfast person, these bowls will have you excited to eat every morning!

Cellucor red velvet protein is my favorite flavor at the moment. I am totally obsessed!

To prepare this bowl, I used…

→ 1/2 oats

→ 1 scoop Cellucor protein

 → small amounts of water at a time to make it into a batter

→ handful of berries

Place in the fridge and begin the countdown till morning!

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