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Cinnamon Roll Protein ENERGY!

I bring to you Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Energy Powder!

The added energy in this whey protein comes from natural sources. All of these powders are perfect for any time of the day when you might need an extra boost! They are easy to blend and mix while on the go!

The flavors available make adding more protein to your diet fun! You can use the coffee protein in your iced coffee, the vanilla protein baked into your cookies or oatmeal, the chocolate protein blended into your yogurt, shakes, or mix with water/milk and drink as is!


Nutritional Facts

Serving size is 2 scoops

100 calories per serving with only a gram of carbs and sugar

120 mg of caffeinated per serving (that’s a 10oz cup of coffee!)

antioxidant vitamin E and a blend of B vitamins

Get you some!

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