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Jif NEW Peanut Butter Product

Jif Peanut Butter Powder!

I use powdered peanut butter pretty much every day. I’ll keep a small amount in my bag or keep a container at work for a quick dipping snack with apples, celery, bananas, you name it!. I also use this when I make my protein snack balls, homemade icecream, dips, frostings, in oatmeal, yogurt and so on!

The cool thing with this stuff, is you can customize your consistency and texture by the amount of water you add!

In comparisons to regular peanut butter, this product contains 85% less fat and 40 calories for TWO tablespoons or 80 calories for three. This product is low sodium, low sugar, as well as gluten free! In addition to smoothies and baking, I have a hard time thinking of what you CAN’T use this with!

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