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Product Review! The NEW 2017 ARCTIC ZERO Flavors Are HERE!



I bring you the NEW 2017 Arctic Zero flavor review!

What are the flavors you ask? Only the best ones!

We have…

Peanut Butter Swirl

Rocky Road Trip

Cherry Chocolate Chunk

and last but not least…

Cake Batter Bars! But wait! It’s not just cake batter bars, it’s a yellow cake batter ice cream bar dipped in red velvet!

Say what! Could you get a better flavor combination?! I think not! Not to mention, these are only 80 calories a bar!

Growing up I ate ice cream in amounts that should’ve been illegal. Family trips to the local ice cream parlor were on the regular! I could’ve had ice cream for every meal of the day if my mom would have let me. I feel the same about cereal. That’s a childhood fav I still wish I could enjoy. WHERE are the healthy cereals?! I have yet to find a cereal that’s useful for my body and not loaded in sugar! I try to make my own but it’s really just granola that I drown in milk. Doesn’t cut it!



But back to the good stuff…

Arctic Zero has helped me tremendously through my recovery after surgery. Ice cream is a staple item when you’re sick or not feeling well. When you can’t be as active, it’s very important to be conscious of the foods you are consuming.

Since starting my fitness journey and making small changes to live a better lifestyle, regular ice cream has become too sweet. My taste buds have changed and so have my cravings. Arctic Zero is an indulgence I now prefer. A guilt-free one too! There’s nothing better than craving a treat that is handcrafted with the best ingredients that bring benefit to your body.

These days it doesn’t take much to go to your local grocery store and find a healthy ice cream. The two that stick out the most are Arctic Zero and Halo Top. Trust me, these two are a touchy subject in my house hold! I’m constantly at battle with my husband when it comes to which one is the best.
Being a huge ice cream fan since birth, I really and truly love Arctic Zero. Don’t get me wrong, Halo Top is good too but dairy isn’t for everyone! I’m not always sensitive to dairy but it does become troublesome from time to time. Who wants to deal with the cramps, bloat and uncomfortable side effects that come from dairy just for a little bite of ice cream?


The first ingredient is purified water. PURIFIED WATER people! Not only is Arctic Zero lactose-free, it is also low glycemic, gluten-free, GMO-free, as well as low glycemic, kosher and made with protein.




Yes way guys! It’s combined with whey protein! So no it’s not going to be as milk-creamy as your beloved Blue Bell but it’s still a party in your mouth!

 I love to add scoops into my shakes, on top of protein pancakes, mixed in my oatmeal or incorporated into a yummy fruit and granola cup. My snack time is about to be taken to another level! The options are endless and with these new flavors.

For a quick recap, my husband picked the cake batter bars as his favorite, ‘hands down’. Mine was a very close call but I had to go with rocky road! I loved the pieces of almonds and marshmallow blended in each bite!



You can check out these videos for a play by play on the receiving and taste testing of their products! Every product review we do is genuine and recorded at the exact time of tasting. My husband is featured in the second video, so I can guarantee interesting feedback. We are extremely similar, yet very opposite! Especially when it comes to food!


Head over to their website to get a better feel of who they are and what they represent. You can find and follow them along on Facebook too. I’m personally thankful for brands like this, who have helped me stay on track and get my food cravings in order while trying to live a healthy life.

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 Healthy or not, what is your favorite ice cream?!

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