Fit Tips

Don’t SKIP stretching!

√ Prevent injury

√ Mobility

√ Relieve tension

√ Improve posture

We all hear over and over that you need to stretch before and after a workout but that doesn’t mean we all do it.

I see it like this…

When I am trying to open a fresh jar of pickles, I literally make several attempts and even walk away a couple of times before I can get the darn thing to open!

I relate this simple pickle lid example with stretching before a workout!

Just like the lid before you are trying to open, you have to warm up or ‘loosen’ your muscles before you can really do some work!

If you’re like me and dilly-dally before getting the gym, you will find yourself in a time crunch where you skip stretching all together. I prefer the time I spend at the gym to be strictly for my workout. In and out!

To make sure I get my stretching in, I will do it in the morning while I am getting ready, I could be brushing my teeth, sitting on the floor drinking my coffee, on my phone checking emails, you name it, but I am getting it done!

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