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Smoothies To Keep You Full!

The key to a good smoothie, is to make them thick and filling! The problem with reaching this consistency is adding too many ingredients like high calorie nut butters and yogurt.

My simple solution? Oats!


My brain is programmed to tell me I’m full when it’s actual food I’m chewing. When it comes to consuming a liquid there’s a bit more trickery involved! After a smoothie or protein shake that is too watery, will leave me with food or just ‘one more bite’ of something else.  To keep this from happening, I will add 1/4 to a 1/2 cup of blended oats into my smoothie.

Blend your oats into a flour consistency will thicken your shake while keeping a low-calorie count! The thicker consistency will force you to drink slower. As a result of the fiber properties in oatmeal you will stay full and satisfied.  You can add your oats cooked but don’t forget to add ice!

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