Strength Training

Treadmill For The Restless!

It’s easy to get tired of the gym and doing the same repetitive routines. Especially on the treadmill. Yes, you can walk, jog, skip, run, and sprint but this will get old. Don’t let this machine bore you! The options of what you can do are truly endless! To keep my interest on the treadmill, I will throw in my own exercises . A lot of the time I will freestyle it but here are some example movements to add along with your treadmill training…

→ high knees- brisk walking at high incline

→lunges- highest incline at a steady pace

→butt kicks – 6-10 incline and a steady pace

→side skipping- light jog

→ Alternating punches/jabs- running speed

•You can adjust the incline levels to increase intensity.

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