FITNESS, Strength Training

Featuring the NEW #WCW!

As most of you know, #WCW typically stands for women crush Wednesday’s among popular social medias. My husband came to me with the idea of a #WCW standing for weight crush Wednesday, to help and inform and educate woman about the benefits of lifting heavy. He was the one responsible for getting me into weight training (free weights) and pushing me into a direction I didn’t think was necessary to get me the results I wanted and needed. Holy crap was I wrong! My Wednesday posts will now feature useful information and basic knowledge to baby step you out of your comfort zone. You will see that you CAN achieve your fitness goals through weight lifting without machines.  

The video above is from my first time dead lifting. I was only training to squat that day but before we left the gym my husband wanted to see what I could do with dead lifting. To my surprise I pulled 135 pounds, twice with ease! And loved it! Without him even knowing, he created a monster! 

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