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Grandmas Top Secret Pumpkin Bread

Ohhh baby! This recipe will give em’ “pumpkin” to talk about! 😉

Yep, had to throw in a festive pun because, well, #thisis30. It’s strange how things that once used to embarrass or annoy me as a youngster have become the same things I’ve grown to love and embrace! It’s unexplainable but I’ll accept it.

I’ve been quite the busy bee over the last year or so, but boy did I need the break! If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning you probably thought I just up and disappeared all together. I went from posting weekly to nadda! But your girl is BACK!

RECAP: Overall, I was going through a pretty rough patch to say the least. Exhausted. A zombie going through the motions without any emotions— between some health scares, decade of implant issues finally coming to a head (required 3 separate surgeries) unable to be active/workout, my husband wanting to separate that lead to a divorce, losing my fur babies, stressful issues at work that pushed me to venture out on my own and open my lash business(scary!!). I had a lot on my plate.

I slowly spiraled into an unavoidable dimension in hell and stayed there. Trust me, I know that sounds super dramatic but at the time it felt pretty damn close. Before the age of 20 I had already experienced multiple situations that could have broke me. They didn’t. So as unpleasant as 2017/2018  was, I know it was necessary. I became anew. An upgraded and enlightened version of who I once was. I struggled in doing so but I’ve found my joy, my happiness, my balance and most importantly, myself. This year I was nominated and won #1 for 2019 Best Of Jax Eyelash Extensions! Woop!

One thing I learned at a young age from difficult situations, was to be patient. That’s what I held onto during this whole process. I know there IS always a bigger picture. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. You can’t have all the positives without the negative. That’s just science 🙂

But enough about me, lets get to this recipe and don’t forget about the quick video I linked below!

I can tell ya now, I know I’m going to catch some heat from my sister but I HAD to share! It’s toooo good not to! I wanted to put a healthy spin on it but was quickly informed by my grandma to keep it “as is!”, “no alterations!” and if I do change it, not to go around telling people that it was HER recipe. Understandable Grandma.

I originally used extra virgin olive oil after reading the recipe before being called out by my sister and grandma. It was crisco I needed.


the deed was done!

Later on, I did prepare a correct batch using crisco. To be very honest, it tastes extremely similar, only a little brighter in color if using olive oil. Pecans or walnuts can be used but I used pecans.


I hope you guys LOVE this as much as I do and prepare it this season for your family and friends. I know it will become a staple in your home!

If you take this venture, don’t forget to post and hashtag #skinnyfatgirl ! I’d love to see your creations and any customization/additions made!

Happy #foodie Friday!



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