Sweet Cheats

Satisfy Your Late Night Sweet Tooth


Sometimes you have to give in to those late night cravings! The important thing is to remember there ARE healthier options. I am a connoisseur of sweet cheats and this is one of my favorites!
  • Arctic Zero– Purchase at your local supermarket. Publix or Walmart if you’re down south. The flavors are outrageously delicious and packed with whey protein and a variety of natural ingredients! Perfect alternative for the vegetarian and lactose intolerant consumers!
  • PB2– I’m a huge fan girl for peanut butter which is why this peanut butter powder (at 45 calories for 2 tbs!) is a must have.
  • Blueberries- The toppings you could add are endless. I try to keep them as minimal as possible depending on where I am with my diet and how late in the evening it is.
This yummy mini cup creation was under 150 calories! And 100% guilt free! Learn to satisfy your sweet tooth with flavors you love without feeling bad about it!

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