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Helpful Hacks For Meal Prep Monday!


Brainstorm your main meals and snacks.

To help you get started, think of a meat, a vegetable and a healthy carb. Look up lists of each category if you need help picking. When I’m cutting back on my carbs, I will double my veggies. Everyone is different and our individual bodies vary from person to person. I respond well to lower carbs and higher healthy fats and protein.

Below I’ve listed example meals that are staples in my diet. All of them can be made in bulk. While my veggies are baking, I prep and cook the meat. Once everything is done you disperse into your plastic containers. I use a dry erase marker to label on top of the lids what’s inside and if it is a meal for lunch, dinner, etc. This helps for a quick grab and go!

♥ Lemon pepper baked chicken, broccoli, sweet potato fries

♥ Turkey tenders in Italian dressing, grilled zucchini and corn on the cob

♥ Ground beef with sautéd green peppers, onions and a light cheese. Eat as is or put in a pita to get that steak and cheese feel!

♥ Turkey chili with chick peas. I love doing meals in the crock pot because of all the left overs!

♥ Chipotle grilled chicken wings with brussel sprouts and cauliflower rice

♥ Teriyaki steak pieces with white rice and veggies

♥ Taco salads with ground turkey, salsa, avocado, cheese, black beans and greek yogurt

♥ Rice bowls with choice of meat and veggies on top with salt and pepper

♥ Kabobs. I love making these because of all the flavor combinations. You can use the left overs on top of rice or on a bed of lettuce. Having to pull them off the skewer to consume helps me eat slower too!

♥ Turkey meatballs. I prepare a lot of turkey meatballs, mainly because they are so versatile! I eat them in ball form or crumble them over salad, in rice bowls, lettuce wraps, or mixed in with scrambled eggs.

♥ Noodle-less spaghetti. If my husband wants spaghetti, I won’t force him to eat my way but instead accommodate my meals to his taste buds. I will eat the meat sauce he prepared and pour it over my favorite veggies. This is usually a bowl of broccoli or brussel sprouts.


I keep a lot of fresh veggies on hand and precut. This allows me to be ready to grab a quick snack and helps for easy dipping!

I do a lot of carrots and homemade hummus.

I keep a lot of veggies in the freezer. You don’t wanna be stuck with a lack of food options. This can lead to eating out and other bad choices.

I keep rice cakes as a last resort when I want something crunchy.

Nut butters and homemade energy balls are my favorite! They are so delicious and keep me satiated which is important!

Spice and flavor savers! I can’t forget about my himalayan salt! I love chunky salt in my food. I love mustard, plain greek yogurt, salsa and Cholula! There are so many low calorie, low sugar options out there you guys! You just need to look. The next time you go to your local grocery store go to the hot sauce, marinade section and try something new! I dare ya! You might be surprised what flavors are out there that end up being your favorite!


Track your food! This is the BIGGEST tip I can give you. Tracking your food will help you see where you are at and hold yourself accountable for what you’re putting in your body.

Try to stay away from salads. It’s easy to get carried away with toppings when preparing a salad.

Only grocery shop for foods that won’t tempt you into eating anything that sets you away from your goals.

Take progress pics! It’s very common to feel like you aren’t making any changes but pictures will speak volumes! Try to take a photos every 2 weeks in the same outfit. You’ll see the changes and your hard work that’s paid off!

Stay motivated! Keep quotes on sticky notes on your fridge or photos on your phone to remind you of your goals!

Don’t go cold turkey. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure. One day of eating bad food won’t make you fat. It’s okay to enjoy certain foods but don’t overindulge. Baby step your way into changing your taste buds to crave healthier foods.

Trust the process! This is a lifestyle change, not a hair cut. It will take time and effort. Be patient and stay consistent. It takes time for weight to creep up on you so it will also take time to remove it.

Have a happy and healthy Monday!

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