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Sauce Swap Saturday!

Growing up I was the sauce queen, everything I ate had to be bursting with flavor! When I ate my french fries or chicken nuggets, they were always accompanied by a large variety of dipping options! I won’t lie, I’ve even put ketchup in my chicken salad before, ew!

It’s okay to want food with flavor but you don’t have to consume the thick and creamy sauces that are loaded with high fats and sugar. Try using hummus, mashed avocado/guacamole, mustard, any of the Mrs. Dash seasonings, hot sauce, lemon juice, and my absolute favorite, salsa! Salsa is total underrated and hot sauce and lemon juice adds tons of flavor too!

For salt-free seasoning and marinade options, try Mrs. Dash .


For low sodium, no added sugar blends check out Flavor God products!


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