Fit Tips

Fit Tip #3 Time Savers!

Time savers are huge when getting in a good fitness routine. Your enemy will be your mind, so dont let it play tricks on you. You’re the boss, you run the show, so hold yourself responsible for calling the shots! Waking up earlier to eat and get ready for the gym can be strenuous to think about.

So, the night before…

Gather your tennis shoes(with a pair of socks inside), headphones, water bottle, workout clothes, etc and pile together on your kitchen counter or any place visible with your morning regimen. These items will be the first thing you see. It’s easier to change and get in the right mindset when everything is in your face and accessible. Preparing your items the night before will cut back on your getting ready time. You will be able to just wake up and go! Don’t risk being half asleep, groggy and not in the mood to find your shoes and gym attire… Try it!

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