Eating Out, FOOD

The Good In food!

It’s the weekend and all my husband can think of is what the most satisfying and delicious place to eat for dinner is going to be.  For me, instant red flag!

At that moment I was still getting peanut butter remains out of my teeth and the last thing on my mind is more food. After trying to convince Rey to go bike riding, play tennis, anything!.. I find myself at Carrabas. Yes. Carrabas. A skinny fat girls nightmare!
Here are some helpful tips I use while going out to eat at places I know are dangerous and delicious!

  1. Drink a lot of your water.
  2. If an appetizer IS ordered, hold your menu up while ‘looking’ at what to order. This blocks your vision to any tempting treats! Out of site out of mind! However, escaping the smells isn’t so easy! I packed a ziplock of almonds and raisins just in case I was in desperate need of something to snack on.
  3. Since it is the weeknd and you’re making health conscious decisions, go ahead and reward yourself. Just order the martini. 
  4. Don’t let your stomach make your decisions. Your hunger is your evil twin. Order your meal before you give yourself a chance to change your mind.
  5. Stick to what you know and keep it simple.— Johnny Rocco salad with dressing on the side it is! Under 600 calories and loaded with shrimp and scallops! YUM! I could have cut out the cheese but hey, let me live a little!

I survived Carrabas! TGIF!

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